Why you should consider CloudFlare for your website?

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Wednesday March 10, 2021

CloudFlare is a service which, among other things, provides a CDN (Content Delivery Network), firewall, and performance layer for your website. I have been using CloudFlare for almost 5 years now. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider using their services.

Worldwide CDN

Cloudflare has a worldwide Content Delivery Network. With this, your asset gets replicated across servers worldwide. When your user requests an asset, rather than serve it from your server which is in one location, Cloudflare will serve up the asset from the nearest server, meaning your website loads fast all over the world, not just near the country your server is in. In short, it makes websites faster. Your web pages will load, on average, twice as fast! As an added bonus: search engines love fast web hosting.

Firewall, DDOS Protection And Security

Along with the caching and CDN, Cloudflare helps protect your site against brute-force attacks and threats against your website. Cloudflare has the advantage of serving over 12 million websites and so can identify malicious bots and users more easily than any operating system firewall. If Cloudflare thinks you are suspicious, it can show a challenge which allows “normal” users to still access your site. These firewall and security measures are ever evolving and being developed, meaning every day your website is becoming more secure and protected.

By enabling CloudFlare, you not only improve your website hosting experience, but you join a growing international community of users. An attack on any user is quickly identified and blocked for the entire community. CloudFlare protects against cross-site scripting, SQL injection, comment spam, bot crawlers, and much more.

It’s Easy To Activate

There is no code to change, no hardware or software to install. Simply set up an account and choose which domains you want to protect. In as little as five minutes, you’ll be enjoying superior website performance.

Nice DNS management

This is a slightly nerdy one, but the DNS management within Cloudflare is excellent, and can be controlled via an API. DNS records are like driving directions for your browser. When you enter your domain name, the DNS records tell your browser where to go to get to their destination. This doesn’t normally affect day-to-day operation, but being able to update your records easily saves a lot of time should you need to change your server or add a verification record (usually Google Search Console requires this).