Which Programming Language To Learn First?

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Saturday October 17, 2020

Which Programming Language To Learn First? – This is the biggest stumbling block new programmers have. Looking back at my own experience, this is my advice.

Although personally, I started out with PHP first, my recommendation is C# and here are my reasons why.

4 Reasons You Should Learn C# First

1#. It’s easy to learn

As far as programming languages go, C# is not the easiest language to learn – as compared to higher-level languages like PHP. It is, however, easier to learn than lower-level languages like Assembly, C or C++. As soon as you dig in, you should be able to get the hang of things.  It’s also designed with ease of use as a priority, and it abstracts away most of the complex tasks like memory management, enabling coders to learn it without frying their brains.

#2. It’s backed by Microsoft

Microsoft is constantly adding new features to the language. Microsoft also provided support for seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server, cloud computing, Azure deployment and many more. Having these features makes the language more versatile, easy to learn and increases its usability.

3#. C# has an active community

Great programming languages always have active online communities. C# is no exception as it has an incredibly active community of developers.

This is important for a few reasons. First, because there are so many experienced C# developers out there, you should have no trouble finding high-quality learning resources you can depend to refine your skills.

In addition, because C# has such a long history, a massive repository of questions and answers has built up. So, it’s likely that if you have a question, there’s either already an answer out there somewhere or a thread that you can use.

Microsoft is very active in the C# community, which helps to create a positive developer experience. Also, Microsoft also has a site called Microsoft Virtual Academy which hosts a wide range of tutorials for beginner C# developers.

4#. It’s versatile

It has an enormous set of use cases. C# is highly versatile, and can be used to create a ton of projects, including but not limited to web apps, mobile apps (Xamarin), cloud-based services (Azure), enterprise software, and games (Unity).