Living Away From My Parents

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Wednesday September 15, 2021

So I am at a turning point in my life. Tendered my resignation and to make life more stressful, I now have to take care of myself – living away from my parents.

More on my resignation – Tetherfi was full of nice and smart people but telecommunications is a different technology from web development. Knowledge on IVR, SIP and etc was needed and I did not have the skills nor training. It was not a good job fit. Finding a new role that is within my capabilities.

More on living away from my parents – My parents think that I am too pampered and want me to start taking care of myself by living alone. I have a senior unemployed and mentally challenged (educationally sub-normal) uncle who lives nearby at an old house near to my parents and I have moved in with him. My parents are helping me with this stepping stone I can see. The house had a makeover (painting, cleaning, and etc) and I am now with starting to feel the anxieties of being an adult. There are tonnes of bills, expenses, loneliness and other life stresses . I was too pampered…

I have gone back to God as I am slightly overwhelmed with the stresses although I seem fine and taking life by its stride. Saying my prayers every night for guidance and mercy. Many applause to the independent people and parents out there, it takes real guts to live.