Important Tips to Make Your Website Safe on the Internet

Author: Riya ([email protected])

Published: Saturday April 3, 2021

Your website and its content are very important. It is needless to say, you have to maintain a high level of security to ensure stability. Being the target of a hack can quickly become a nightmare for any business. This is why it is important to make your website safe and keep your peace of mind.  Some of the best websites are using these strategies to help them maintain security. So, here are some helpful tips that help you to keep your website safe.

Make updates

Your website software and CMS must be up-to-date to take advantage of your new security to overcome the weaknesses of previous versions. If your site has a WordPress-type CMS, the latest updates are automatically reported in your administration dashboard. You should then check the entire website to make sure that the new update does not cause hassle on other levels, for example, the front display.

Install SSL certificate (HTTPS)

The term HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure involves setting up a security protocol that guarantees the privacy of your website users’ information. In particular, this protocol ensures that shared data is sent to your site’s server and is encrypted, making it impossible to misuse it for dishonest purposes.

Following the actions of technology companies such as Google in recent years, more than half of the web is now confidential and secure through the HTTPS protocol. An SSL certificate enables secure transmission of information between the server, the user, and your website. In addition, an SSL certificate indicates to the user that your website is secure and therefore without risk of use.

Strengthen your passwords

It is easier but less secure to use a password that is easy to remember. To deal with the risk, people are often advised to change this password frequently. However, the danger here is that the person will use a weak password so that they can easily remember it. Harder passwords are certainly more effective.

Implement user management

Setting up complete management of users, their roles, and usage rights. It is possible to customize user accounts with admin rights with only a limited amount of content. Characters are defined on the platform by the administrator, who edits, creates, and defines new roles.

Take precautions when uploading files

Uploading files, whether attached to a resume, portfolio or otherwise can be dangerous at times. Although an antivirus provides an extra layer of security, the first line of defence in protecting your computer is your ability to make decisions and detect your threats. If your business can do without attachments to a form, why add such a function? This reduces the risk of malware.

Optimize performance and stability

I suggest integrating various optimization solutions into the website to ensure a seamless experience for visitors. These measures also protect your installations from potential attacks. These steps are more technical and may require the help of a web expert.


Cloudflare is a company that offers security services and performance. One of the services offered to lighten the load on the hosting server and protect it during traffic congestion is to copy the content in proxy (intermediate) format. Cloudflare also offers load balancing services that can be useful in the event of significant changes in daily traffic.