How To Get Your Site On Google

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Sunday March 7, 2021

Although From Google, inclusion in Google’s search results is automatic, free and easy, here is how to get your site on Google faster.

Register your site with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that allows you to submit your website and its sitemap to Google for indexing.

No matter whether you’re using Shopify, WordPress, Wix or Squarespace, adding your website to this service is the starting point for good SEO.

By submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console you are telling the search giant that your website exists, something which — as you might expect — is key to it appearing in search results.

What Is A Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that indicates to the search engine the pages to crawl. For the non-technical person, I recommend using WordPress and their plugins to start. Use plugins like Google XML Sitemaps or SitemapGenerator.

For the more advanced user, there are free services online that help generate it; making it a breeze to submit your site. A free online tool is