Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Saturday March 27, 2021

GURUMONKEYS.COM expands with having a total of 3 contributors worldwide. Now we have 2 writers from Pakistan (Riya & Salman) and 1 from Singapore (myself, Kenneth). To learn more, click here.

There has also been a shareholder restructuring. Riya and Salman have been made shareholders of this blog with a 25% stake each.

A side note from Kenneth

I was a freelancer once myself and suffered. I had to make ends meet on just S$5 a month. Hence I have hired and made these 2 freelancers partial owners of my blog. I am hoping to give them some work whilst they find better opportunities elsewhere. Riya and Salman has a salary of US$30/mth with 25% profit sharing each. If you would like to give them some work, please either contact them directly here or engage our services here.