6 Best Ways To Get The Maximum Result On Your Outreach Campaign

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Friday May 14, 2021

There are many ways to expand your outreach, but none can compete with the idea of Guest Posting.

Have you ever given it a thought? You write a blog post or two for a couple of high-quality websites, sharing your knowledge with thousands, if not millions, of readers. And how will they pay you back?

Well, many of them (surely) will either start to follow you or your blog posts. Big names do it (we all know that). However, you’ll not be the only one throwing your hat in the ring.

Editors get loads of such invites – people want to write for their blogs. But most of these Outreach Gigs end up in spam folders or email trash.

However, here are a few things you can do to get featured on a big website.

1.  Look for the Right Professional

Start off with finding the right editor who can really Turn it On for you. So, how can you do it? Simply, avoid a through-proper-channel approach, either submission form or the outreach email. These are not more than mere requests.

What you need is the right person who really matters. Here’s how you do it.

Editors usually have Twitter accounts. For example, Mashable has a public Twitter list. Start finding them on Twitter, then dig deeper to find their email addresses (where they actually respond).

If you can’t see their email addresses, see how the publication’s email address is formed. For example, Forbes has this format: [email protected]

There you go. With a little focus on Twitter and email address formats, you can get right there to the exact person who can help you out.

2.  Engage Like a Friend

You’ll be a complete stranger if you reach directly via email. Spend some time getting him engaged on Twitter.

Yes, it takes a while before they start to recognize you. The more you do, the better the chances of them responding to your outreach message.

While you’re engaging, be real. Editors know how to dig people, and they’ll know your intentions if you play it fake. So, take a genuine interest, and let them analyze you.

3.  Avoid These Things

Let’s say you’ve got the chance to really pitch your idea. You’re absolutely sure that the chosen editor will respond. This is the time you nail it with the right pitch.

Here are the things that editors don’t want to see (they’ll simply delete the message):

4.  Know-How to Pitch an Editor

You simply can’t ignore what they’re looking for. Often guest-posting platforms set guidelines to help you pitch in as a guest or contributor. Follow those guidelines religiously.

Go through the website and observe:

It will help you find a unique angle that hasn’t been shared before.

Search the web to find extra information on making your pitch irresistible for the publication you’re targeting.

Here are some helpful guidelines for Mashable wannabe contributors and those looking to get featured on Forbes

Understanding the editor is important. Because, when you do, your success chances will improve dramatically.

Let’s dig deeper and learn how to make connections with your editor.

5.   Email to the Editor

We’re recalling.

Still, there’s one more thing to keep in mind – how to make that perfect connection and pitch in.

6.   Essential Ingredients of Your Email

You can do it on your own or hire a professional SEO agency to get things done for you.