Enrolled In SGUnited Skills Programme

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Saturday October 10, 2020

After I lost my job due to COVID-19, I enrolled in a SGUnited Skills course. Now I am 1 month into doing a C# Full Stack Developer course with NTUC.

What Is SGUnited Skills?

The SGUnited Skills programme is a full-time training programme ranging from six to 12 months. The programme will comprise certifiable courses delivered by Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres, including Institutes of Higher Learning. The training courses are designed in partnership with the industry to help trainees acquire industry-relevant skills that can improve their employability. Trainees will also have the chance to apply the skills learnt during the programme, through opportunities like workplace immersions and industry projects.

Trainees will also benefit from employment facilitation efforts offered by training providers. To facilitate transition to employment as and when job opportunities are present, the SGUnited Skills programme will be conducted in a modular format.

Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme, to cover basic subsistence expenses. Course fees will be highly subsidised, to keep the SGUnited Skills programme affordable. Individuals can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset the course fees.

This programme will be rolled out progressively from July 2020. For more information, please click here.

My Experience

There are many higher learning institutions offering SGUnited Skills courses such as the local polytechnics like Singapore Polytechnic, NUS, and such. They also offer a range of courses for you to select. These include but are not limited to manufacturing, IT, maritime, and such.

Although with the many options I had, I wanted to do a .NET course for certification and NTUC offered this. So far, so good. Course content is great, learning new concepts every day. Being a self-taught developer, I admit, you miss out on concepts when you learn yourself.

I have taken much shorter courses before and I feel that these courses are different. I find the content deep and broad, very different from a short 5-day course you might do. You do not learn as much and miss out on concepts like how different technologies integrate as when doing say a 5-day bit-sized introduction course.

Courses are instructor-led and the instructors at NTUC are helpful and knowledgeable. Class size is about 20 people conducted via teleconference due to the pandemic. It is not easy and I feel that the 9-month course I took is extremely tiring as it is from 9 am to 6 pm every weekday and requires a lot of attention and concentration – which I do not have.

The government support given to help citizens –┬átraining allowance of $1,200 per month – is also sufficient for basic expenses. I would highly recommend upskilling yourself if you have lost your job like me.