Part-time Kitchen Staff

Published: Friday October 30, 2020

Expenses pilling up and needed a job to earn extra income. The allowance I am receiving from my course SGUNITED SKILLS is only enough to cover basic expenses. No savings and not enough for extra welfare. Called Greenwood Fish Market to find a job as a part-time (weekend) kitchen staff. The owner and chef Alan was […]


How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Published: Monday October 19, 2020

How much do bloggers make? I can understand if these questions are bouncing around in your brain because they were bouncing around in mine when I first started. Well, it varies. Some make $0 per month. Some make $10,000 or more per month and others have even started a business blogging. If your thinking of blogging […]


Lessons Learnt From My Failed Startups

Published: Tuesday October 13, 2020

I launched my first startup when I was still an undergraduate in my early 20s. It failed. Went on to start a couple of more. Still failed. Here are some of my lessons learnt. 1# Acquire Skills Although I studied business, most of my business and personal knowledge comes from being on the ground and […]


My Investment Journey

Published: Tuesday October 6, 2020

Although I did not complete my undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance, I still have an interest in the financial markets; blame it on my risk-loving nature. My first foray into investments was day trading when I was in my early 20s. I got badly burnt; lost a sizable sum of money. Trying to get […]


Best & Worst Employers

Published: Saturday October 3, 2020

I feel employers need to be accountable for the way they treat their staff. This post contains the best and worst employers that I have worked for. Best Employers Delteq – Cares for the well being of their staff. X-press Feeders – Good pay with work-life balance. Microtel Technology – Good entry-level career opportunity. Asian […]