Bought My First Crypto-currency In Singapore

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Tuesday October 6, 2020

Big headline crypto-currency news seems old now. Some people think it’s a scam too, but there are also some people out there who believe blockchain is the future. As I did more research on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, I realize that a lot of effort is being pushed from businesses and people to develop blockchain technology. There are even government-affiliated higher learning institutions in Singapore that offer courses to teach blockchain.

I do not think crypto-currency will replace fiat currency and I am still wary on it but I decided to invest a couple of hundred dollars into this new world of crypto-currencies. My alternative investment portfolio? S$100 into Bitcoin and S$100 into Ether. Bought my first crypto-currency portfolio in Singapore using the services from Coinhako as Coinbase did not have to option to cash-out coins in Singapore.