5G and the Internet of Things

Author: Riya ([email protected])

Published: Monday March 8, 2021

There is speculation about how 5G can change the world for good. Humans are not good at making predictions, especially when they have little data. Luckily, 5G is at a stage where we can make predictions and a reasonable guess about its future. Surely, it will give a new life to innovations and the internet of things is one of them.

The first generation of mobile networks (1G) was all about voice and nothing more. 2G added texting to the mobile network and 3G incorporated data as well. The 4G was just a renovation of 3G with much higher speeds. 5G, however, is about data transfer in real-time.

5G brings about high-speed connectivity, very low latency, and ubiquitous coverage. These are crucial requirements in the infrastructure and operation of many things, where a split-second delay can prove deadly. We’ll be able to drive smoothly, manage traffic, and carry out operations in real-time that were never before possible.

We’re living in an era dominated by the internet of things. We’ll see more in the coming days when 5G becomes wide-spread and part and parcel of modern life. Faster connectivity is the ultimate requirement of the internet of things so that different gadgets can communicate with each other in real-time. If they don’t do so, we’re left at the mercy of chance. With the help of 5G network, everything in our life will be connected and integrated.

 Until this becomes a reality, let’s look and behold!