3 Clever Ways to Use Videos in E-Commerce Marketing

Author: Kenneth ([email protected])

Published: Wednesday April 28, 2021

If you are a struggling e-commerce business owner, how do you compete against the masses especially against online businesses such as Shopee and Lazada? You don’t get how certain e-commerce business blows up and you battle against the competition to attract the crowd. Fret not, after consulting and getting some advice from the best Singapore video production company, we are going to share with you 3 clever ways to use videos in E-commerce Marketing.

How to build hype with your promo videos?

Just like movie trailers, they build the anticipation without giving away too much information. Promo videos are exactly that. When faced with text and videos, most individuals would rather watch a video than read about it. It’s the exact reason why we all detest studying, but love going on YouTube or social media (even I am guilty of it!).

A well-scripted promo video can be just as effective, even with the lowest budgets – so work towards creating anticipation, and even throwing in a tagline as a guideline for yourself.

For example, take a look at Lazada’s method of creating hype for 3.3

(source link: https://youtu.be/BGOUvYZe9Ww)

People are excited at the Lazada 3.3 THREE-Mendous Fest Sales (Notice the smart usage of pun?). It evokes curiosity which is very important in video marketing.

Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are also a good way to introduce the product and show how amazing it is.  It helps you to get prospective customers or even investors interested.  A great product demo allows your consumers to understand how your solution solves their pain point. It is a unique way of demonstrating the value of your product to prospects, and if done properly, can be very effective. Here’s an example of a product demo video:

(source link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKRM8EdZdSI)

Notice in the demo, it shows the features of the product easily. Identify what exactly your goal is – Brand awareness? Purchase? What do you seek to achieve after prospects watch the product demo? There are many types of styles you can use to produce a great product demo video such as live action, animation or if you’re feeling adventurous, even live streaming.

If you’re looking to explore live streaming when doing a product demonstration, it is recommended to work with expert live streaming Singapore companies to ensure everything goes smoothly. If it’s an animation product demonstration that you’re looking for instead, it is also a good idea to work with an experienced 2D and 3D animation studio in Singapore.

Testimonial videos

If product demos are based on first impressions, testimonial videos reinforce your credibility and trust. Your consumers are far more likely to believe one of their peers or influencers than you. Testimonial videos allow your consumers to see other people talk about your products, giving unscripted opinions. While a written testimonial may work on the website, a video captures the changes in tone when expressing a thought. This adds a level of genuineness, encouraging you to form an emotional connection with your consumers. It also increases your credibility, as it shows you value and trusts people’s opinions.


It is imperative to understand that videos are the easiest way to wow the crowd and portray your intentions sincerely. Once your videos are live, they can be an effective asset in your marketing strategy. As 2021 continues, many consumers will seek out more video content and like them, you will want to leverage on video marketing to guide your prospect to the purchaser stage.