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Why The PAP Will Get My Vote This General Election

Published: Monday, March 30, 2020

There is talk that the General Election may be held during this Covid-19 period. This is an update to a previous post – whether I am left-wing or right-wing – here.

Since writing the post, I have found a new job and have been watching what the government is doing for the people.

2 points as to why the PAP will get my vote this General Election although I prefer centre left-wing parties. (1) My employment condition has improved and (2) the supplementary budget for Singapore.

Point (1) is a kinda a selfish stance. But I have been through some hard times; retrenched, laid-off, and worked as a freelancer. If the policies are not working for me, why should I vote for the PAP? This has changed with my new job.

Point (2) is the supplementary budget. The actions of the government show the heart of PAP leaders for its people and the needy, and that I believe is what is needed. Not everyone is a Bill Gates or Jack Ma who can startup a Microsoft, Alibaba or Google. That is a winning vote for me.

Although I don’t like authority still and I did not directly benefit from the supplementary budget, the actions of the government show the heart of PAP leaders for its people.