Fam Wencong, Kenneth

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My Review of Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF)

Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

After some time to think, I think I will be posting my review on Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) after having worked there twice. I joined them the first time as a telesales staff being reassigned to program manager. The second time as a web development and IT manager.

I have read that some think, they are a predatory conference and journal organizer. Having a blind review committee has its challenges. From my experience, they do invite researchers and academics to be on their committee. These researchers and academics are then asked to review papers submitted to them.

They are a legit business.

That said, it is sad to see the other fake reviews being written on JobStreet and Google Reviews. I was there for around 1 year each time. It is in my opinion that the good reviews on this company are fake and written by the boss himself or through paid reviews. The director, Dr. Anton Ravindran, has issues. He verbally abuses staff and even threatens them. My 1-year stint each time at this company was nothing but different on both occasions.

Female staff would cry on multiple occasions. If the reviews on JobStreet and Google Reviews were true, you would also be out of the job after a few months. They need to improve their turn-over rate.

They do not take care of the well-being of their staff.

This makes me question whether they can continue to run a legit business. If they don’t take care of their own employees, lie for good reviews, would they take care of a customer?