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Why You Should Move To The Cloud

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2020

I used to host my own servers for my personal websites but I moved to the cloud. Here are my main 5 reasons why.

Always-on availability. Most cloud providers are extremely reliable in providing their services, with many maintaining 99.99% uptime. The connection is always on and as long as workers have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from practically anywhere. Your website won’t go down when you have power outages and etc.

Low Initial Capital Outlay. With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centers — or eliminate their data center footprint altogether. The reduction of the numbers of servers, the software cost, and the number of staff can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting an organization’s IT capabilities.

Improved Flexibility. Your business has only a finite amount of focus to divide between all of its responsibilities. If your current IT solutions are forcing you to commit too much of your attention to computer and data-storage issues, then you aren’t going to be able to concentrate on reaching business goals and satisfying customers. On the other hand, by relying on an outside organization to take care of all IT hosting and infrastructure, you’ll have more time to devote toward the aspects of your business that directly affect your bottom line.

Improved Security. A cloud host’s full-time job is to carefully monitor security, which is significantly more efficient than a conventional in-house system, where an organization must divide its efforts between a myriad of IT concerns, with security being only one of them.

Less environmental impact. With fewer data centers worldwide and more efficient operations, we are collectively having less of an impact on the environment. Companies that use shared resources improve their ‘green’ credentials.

Here are links to the main 3 cloud hosts. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.