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What Programming Language You Should Learn First

Published: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My journey in learning how to code has been full of ups and downs, from creating my first startup to failing at it. Nonetheless, I picked up a new skill that will always be with me and the experiences totally enriching, rewarding and awesome even with the setbacks. Although I may not be successful, I am generally happy. Today, I advocate for those who want to learn and pick up programming. What programming language should I learn first is the first stumbling block you may face as an aspiring developer. As a developer who has been in the private industry for 5 years, I am here to help. Although, personally, I learned PHP as my first language; my language of choice is C# and here are the reasons why.

C# is modern and versatile

A modern language is one that supports the latest features for developing scalable, reliable, and robust industry-standard software applications. C# is a modern language. C# language supports everything modern programmers need in a language.

In my opinion, C# is the most versatile programming language. Not only can you build Windows client applications, but you can also use C# to build Web and mobile apps.

C# can be used to build:

  • Windows client applications using Windows Forms, WPF and UWP.
  • Web applications with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps using Xamarin.
  • Libraries, components, and console applications

Amazing support for C#

C# is supported by some of the world’s most popular IDEs and editors. Visual Studio is the most popular, productive and advanced IDE for developers. Millions of developers use Visual Studio each day.

Check out Visual Studio to get started.

Not only is C# language supported and maintained by Microsoft; it also has strong community support with thousands of developers publishing their solutions on StackOverflow or NuGet.